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This is what you came here for. The animals!!!!!!

Pirotessa (we just called her Tessa)

Tessa's Rainbow Residency

Tessa's story is not a happy one. Tessa was a baby when we got her. She was the cutest kitten ever, I swear!
Everything seemed to be fine with her, she had respiratory illnesses a few times but other than that seemed healthy.
About a year ago, we had to put Tessa's step-daddy cat, Max, to sleep. He was very old.(almost 22!)
Shortly after Max passed Tessa became very ill. None of the medication really seemed to help.
In January of this year (2001)I had Tessa put to sleep.
She had gone from 11 pounds to 3 and a half, her right eye was paralyzed as was her throat, her liver and kidneys were failing, she was a very sick kitty. Apparently she had FIP. It is a devestating disease.
If you are interested in more information about FIP, please visit the link below.

Please visit this site! It is full of very useful information from raising kittens to feline diseases. I found the best FIP information here.

tessa's blanket




Kaluah is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. We just got her a few weeks ago. She (like all our animals) was a shelter pet. She had been abused and de-barked. She just got over a staph infection from being covered in tics.
I just don't understand how people can let animals get in that condition.

She is warming up to us, finally showing her true colors and chewing on everything. Oh well, we love her. We didn't really need that phone book anyhow.



Max's BurnerKitty site.

This is Tessa's "step-daddy cat" Max. He was an incredible cat, even though he thought he was a dog! He would have been 22 this year! He went to the bridge peacefully almost a year ago.

You can also visit Tessa and some of her family through Max's burner site!




This is Missy(Marshmallow)and Dundee. I'll give you three guesses which one is the marshmallow! They are both still very much alive. Both are shelter cats and very special.
Look for updates and more pics!

Isn't she just the cutest?!